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Tznius4Israel - The Rebbe's Program For Protecting Jews In Eretz Yisrael
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Lets Be Tznius* For Jews In Eretz Yisrael!

Tznius Programming For The Areas Being Given Away!

There is so much to do...

The Rebbe’s Peace Plan – A Spiritual Battle Fought By Jewish Girls & Women

In 1970 the Rebbe spoke to the Women’s Convention of N'shei UBnos Chabad giving an outline of a new exciting mivtza campaign with the beautiful theme of keeping Tznius for our brothers & sisters in Eretz Yisrael.  Just as children are very excited and inspired to be soldiers in the Army of Hash-m, with the special mission of beating up one's yetzer hora, so too here. The Rebbe gives to Jewish Women and Girls a unique Shlichus:
The holy mivtza of Being Tznius for Eretz HaKodesh.

Address to Bnos U N’shei Chabad 1970 - 5730

From Vol 5730 vol. 2 (Pages 195 – 196) of Sichos Kodesh (Click Here To See The Original Sicha in Yiddish)

“In what we discussed above, there is another idea.  Like we said earlier, we Jews in spite of our being very spread out, are all one people.

This is something which affects each and every one of us within the Jewish People.  We feel a connection and unity with every Jew, wherever they each find themselves.  Certainly and how much more so in the greatest way with Jews who find themselves in the Holy Land, in the Land that is “Tova U-Rechava” (good and abundant).  These Jews in the Land of Israel have a unique blessing and a special protection from the One Above. This of itself takes them out from the situation that they find themselves in now.

This happens like we read in the Parshas Bechukosai of this past Shabbos: “Ve Yeshavtem Le Betach BeArtzechem” – You shall live secure in your land.  We and every Jew wherever she or he finds himself, should live securely in Eretz Yisrael, in a way of “Ve Sha-chavtem Ve-Ayn Machrid” - “You will lie down to sleep and not be afraid”.  Even when we are lying asleep, we won’t need a guard.  Why? Because we are so sure of Hashem's promise that: “Ayn Machrid” - There is nothing to be afraid of.  

To such a point that we are not given over to even a little bit of something approaching fear!  There is not even something to actually be afraid of, because we have the promise of “Hash-m Shomrecha” – G-d is guarding you.   In a way that “Lo Yanum Ve Lo Ishan Shomer Yisrael” – The Guardian of Israel never naps nor sleeps.  By G-d there is no concept at all of “Sleeping”!  In fact just the opposite is true.  We find that Hash-m tells the Jewish People: “VeShachavta Ve Arayva Shnasecha” – You will lay down to sleep and your sleep will be sweet.   “You can sleep peacefully”, says G-d, “Because I am standing over and protecting you.”

What affects this is our being tznius*. Our Torah tells us: “Ki Hashem Elochecha, Mis-Halech Be Kerev Macha-necha” - The Lord Your G-d goes within the midst of your camp.

Therefore, it says: “Lo Yayra-eh Becha Ervas Davar” – There should not be seen in you any immodest thing.  When the One Above sees that the Jewish people, wherever they find themselves, contain nothing that is the opposite of Tznius (modesty).  So it is for the sake of this that G-d rests within the Jewish People to “Hatzilcha Ve LaTayt Oyvecha LiFanecha” – To save you and to give over your enemy into your hands”.

To such an extent that by ourselves, we don’t even have to do anything. Because the One Above is himself saving the Jewish people!  He himself fights for you destroying your enemy before you!   To such a point that all the enemies fall before the Jewish people and that “also his enemy will make peace with him.”

(Editors note: Of course we Chassidim know that there is a second meaning of “Your enemy will make peace with her” – That each of our Yetzer Horas will “beg for peace”.   The Rebbe’s Peace Process works on all the levels)

As our Torah says: “Ve Nat-ti Shalom Be Aretz” – “I will give Peace in the land”.  The enemies of the Jews will convert to become the ones who themselves actually request peace from the Jewish nation.

Ideas on How To Bring This Idea Into Action:

1. Develop classroom contests for girls giving prizes for dressing modestly according to Jewish law

2. In your mossad and school, make dressing Jewishly a campaign.

3. Begin classes by women for women on the subject of the halachos of tznius

4. Take a sefer on the subject and use it as a text for class study

5. There are many aspects to modesty. Create a community awareness project on the subject.

6. Tznius is not just for girls! Men and boys must be trained in this as well

The Rebbe has given us a really beautiful theme for fighting Eretz Yisrael’s wars and beating our enemies through the weapons of modest dressing.

A Theme which can be done right from our very homes!

*Tznius means many things.
In English it is roughly translated as "modest", but it means that in our dress we are covered according to Jewish law. In our thoughts we think only proper things. In our speech, we only speak refined things. In our actions we not only dress modestly, but we are not loud, publicly noticeable and in general we act in a refined way. (see the "10 Commandments of Tznius" below)

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